Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sassy water?

Along with countless others, I have tried multiple "diet plans".

The Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Grapefruit, and more recently the Belly Fat Diet.

The experts all say.. Diets don't work.. Making lifestyle changes work.  Hmmmm but what if my lifestyle wants to include cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, ding dongs and mayo?

Again.. it is all about choices right?

The other parts of my plan that I really struggle with is the Water part.  I start out all good, drinking lots of water, and hitting the bathroom like 47 times a day, and then I forget.. I forget to pack my bottle, I forget to drink water and start drinking tea or coffee more instead... so what to do?

If I make the Sassy water, I am more likely to drink it.  Why?  Two reasons... it tastes WAAAAY better than regular water and If I take the time to make it.. I am much more likely to remember to pack it with me and drink it.

It is difficult for me to take a regular pitcher of water to work with me.. so I am going to experiment with a couple of ideas this coming weekend on ways to transport and drink your water at work..

The original recipe comes from the Flat Belly Diet Book.. and I have a copy.  I also have seen the recipe on bunches of internet sites, so I feel okay sharing it here.. since I am giving you MY version.. how I make it.

Here goes.

I take a 1 gallon Container (I have a pitcher that is that size)
I put in the following:

1 english Cucumber that I slice up
1 Large Lemon, sliced
I take about a knuckle sized piece of Ginger and I slice that up (You can do more or less)
and then I add about 4 springs of fresh mint that I rinse off.

I fill it up about 3/4 of the way with water and I top mine off with Ice.

I put it in the fridge for at least 8 hours (I make a pitcher at night and in the morning)..

I reuse my concoction for the sassy water.  Not sure if this is right or not.. but this stuff can get expensive twice a day.. so The pitcher I make up at night.. I strain into a container for drinking and I just add water to the pitcher to reuse the mint, ginger, lemon and cuke again.

The flat belly diet recommends that you do this as part of their "4 day jump start".  I plan on drinking this stuff at least a few days a week, to get my water habit going.

Let me know if you try it and what you think...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Next time I go to the store I'll pick up what I need and give it a try. I'm always searching for the diet that I can stick with, didn't like the South Beach, and get tired of Weight Watchers, weighing and counting everything. I think a lifestyle change is in order, now I've just got to figure out how to fit the Hagen Das into it.

Good luck with your water consumption, I know what a pain that is.

Jaime said...

Keep up the good work!!!! :)

Flying Lily said...

Wow that water sounds great! I'm going to try that - I have everything on hand except the mint. Thanks!!