Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here is to restarting and change.

The end of a year always does that.. so this time.. SMALL changes will hopefully bring me to the goal of shrinking the size of my Britches!!!

First Challenge to start on Monday (Notice not on the 1st????)

I will drink one glass of water before I have my morning coffee.. 8 oz at least and will consume at least 8 of these glasses or 64oz of water a day.

Anyone else start out with Coffee and Not drink enough water?

This first habit will be what I practice every day. I will add one new small change each week, until I get to where I want to be. Look for some great ways to jazz up water next week.. I will post some great ideas that won't detract from actually drinking water... for me.. I used to think Iced Tea counted... ummmm NO it does not... so... I will get on the research and post some fun things to do with water to make it possible to drink that much when I really don't want to drink 8 glasses a day.. ughhh.

Happy New Years!!!